In Uganda, 1 in 4 adolescent women aged 15-19 are
already mothers or pregnant with their first child. Teenage
childbearing is higher in rural areas (27%) than in urban
areas (19%).
Moreover, in Teso only 30% of married women aged 15-49

use any method of family planning compared to 39%
nationally (DHS 2016). 28% of married women have an
unmet need for family planning i.e., they want to stop
childbirth but aren’t using any methods.
SOCADIDO directs its efforts towards increasing access to
and utilisation of nutrition services, access and utilisation of
maternal child services and access to and utilisation of
adolescent and youth sexual reproductive health services
We envisage to increase access to and utilization of the
available healthcare services for 305,000 women, children
and youths by 2026