Our Team


Agoe Florence (project coordinator)

Florence has had a long experience working with communities, and evidently derives joy from it. She works hard and achieves results. Has a very analytical mind to issues

Aguyo Dorcus (Support):

Everyone within SOCADIDO sees her but may not ‘hear’ her. What is true though, is that everyone feels comfortable because she does a clean job!

Anamo Margaret (Administration):

To her, work needs to be done and accomplished by everyone! Pressure has to be faced too.

Edul Mathias Tom (Human Resource Manager Board):

Has mastered both his field and territory having been at it for close to 3 decades. Has an eye for enterprise, and the bigger picture. Tom passionately believes that a lot is achievable with good interpersonal skills and integrity.

Elwoku Pius (Project Officer)

Very committed to hard work and dedicated to achieving results even when it implies so much travel and physical stress. When called upon, will give his considered opinion with clarity.

Epodoi Gorreti (Support):

Does her work and loves to be seen more in what she does than in person!

Ojelel Simon Jude (Finance):

Simon is conscious, and knows that getting to the top is a step by step process, and everyone should appreciate this. And ‘hard work,’ ‘dedication’ occurs before ‘successes even in the dictionary!


Omoding Calvin (Transport and Logistics):

Tasks need to be accomplished and if preferable, quietly! To Boniface, it should be less talk, more walk…. even if it means working overtime


Fr.Omaria Michael (Diocesan Development Co-ordinator /Management):

Everyone’s contribution should be seen, appreciated and valued.

Oruka George (Project Coordinator)

Driven by a desire to achieve results, George has mastered his field so well that it oozes all over him. And will put his point across with good reason and logic. Things just have to get done, anytime, anywhere!

Chulato Vincent (Transport and Logistics):

Vincent has such energy getting things done that would perhaps take someone else a 25 hour day to accomplish. And all this with a joke here and there; a frown on a stressor.

  • Okiror Lumen Peter (Project officer)
  • Akudo Daniel (Programs Manager)
  • Kokoi Veronica (Project Officer)
  • Ekellot Valentine (Project Officer)
  • Ekayu Robert (Finance Manger ):
  • Awici Sarah (Project Officer)
  • Okiria Richard Pius (Project Officer)
  • Aisu Tom Peter (Project Officer)
  • Okiror Matilda Daniel (Project Coordinator)
  • Omoding Justine (Project Officer)
  • Akello Stella (Project Officer)
  • Agolor S. Morris (Finance):
  • Imalingat Moses (Project Officer)
  • Okiror Cyril (Project Officer)
  • Asege Immaculate (Project Officer)
  • Etiang Enos (Project Officer)
  • Amodoi Wilbroad (Project Officer)
  • Ariong Moses (Project Officer)
  • Okerenyang Yokosopht (Project Officer)
  • Okiror Cyril (Project Officer)
  • Asio Caro (Project Officer)
  • Ipwonu Stella (Project Co-ordinator) 
  • Enadu Samuel (Project Officer)
  • Achimo Ruth (Project Officer)
  • Abwot Martin Richard (Project Officer)
  • Okiria Joseph (Project Office)
  • Otworot Alfred (Project Officer)
  • IngwaraTeddy (Project Officer)
  • Iyechu Marion Edepu (project officer)
  • Aceger Vincent ( project officer)
  • Olari Proscovia Ruth ( Project Co-ordinator)
  • Olel Vincent( IT Officer)