My name is Ibwala Robert from Agurgur village, katakwi parish, katakwi Sub County aged 38 married to one
wife by names Nabwire magret with 7 children 3 boys and 4 girls. I started Saving in the year 2015, but since
then I could not achieve anything until in the 2017 when SOCADIDO trained me and I saved to a tune of
240,000/=, in the year 2018. in the year 2019 I joined a VSLA where I and I currently bought a heifer at
450,000/=. I also managed to pay school fees for my children. I was taken to jinja for the talk show in the
2018. This inspired me to practice vegetable production which has supported my family. I started by
planting egg plants which earned me 300,000/= in the 2018. In 2019 I planted green paper which earned
me 280,000/=. in 2020 I planted egg plant that has earned me 200,000/= and tomatoes 500,000/=. All these
monies combined I managed to secure 50 bags of cement with my burnt brick I started construction that
same year and currently I am putting a ring beam on my house. With the presence of the underground
water source, continuity in production is assured. This has improved my standards of living in my family

Mr Ibwala rober harvesting water from his underground water source
Mr Ibwala Robert harvesting egg plant
Mr Ibwala Robert standing Infront of his house underway construction
The first house of ibwala Robert. On the right Ibwala washing egg plants in preparation for market

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