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Soroti Catholic Diocese Integrated Development Organization (SOCADIDO) is a development arm of the Soroti Catholic Diocese. We are an affiliate to the wider family of Caritas Internationalis, and the National chapter, Caritas Uganda of the Uganda Episcopal Conference. Our legal holder is the Bishop of the Soroti Catholic Diocese. We were founded in 1981. SOCADIDO operates in Soroti, Kumi, Katakwi, Kabermaido, Amuria, Bukedea, Serere and Ngora districts. We seek to ensure the availability of, and access to, social and economic services by the communities in the Teso region, Eastern Uganda.

The Five Year Strategic Plan 2022 – 2026 has been developed after comprehensive process of consultation; reflection on the organizational philosophy (vision, mission and core operating values); review of achievements. of..READ MORE





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About Us

What we aim to solve

SOCADIDO has the zeal to ensure a prosperous, self-reliant and peaceful Teso. SOCADIDO aims to address the socio-economic challenges in Teso that revolve around the development challenges and the poverty (standing at 61%). Teso is faced with a number of development challenges that cut across all categories of people and these as seen in terms of; Climate Change and its effects, High Population growth rate, Land Ownership, Accessibility to financial services, access to safe and clean water, human rights abuse, technology and skills gaps, high unemployment rates, socio-economic challenges (Health and education) and governance gaps. This calls for a deliberate effort


Our Objectives

The aim of the organization is to ensure the availability and access to social and economic services for communities in the Teso Sub-region.

To improve sustainable livelihoods and income security through sustainable and profitable enterprises

To alleviate the deprivation, vulnerability and powerlessness of poor girls and their families Gender mainstreaming

To promote access to safe and clean water, hygiene and sanitation promotion and access to water for production

To improve capacity of SOCADIDO to sustainably deliver effective and efficient services to communities in Teso Sub-region


Our Reach






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What We Stand For

SOCADIDO is built on the values of Christ centered stewardship; Preferential option for the vulnerable; Subsidiarity; Transparency; Partnership; and Professionalism

Prosperous, Self-reliant and Peaceful Teso
To empower the Teso communities to attain sustainable socioeconomic development.
What We Aim To Solve
SOCADIDO aims to address the socio-economic challenges in Teso that revolve around the development challenges and the poverty (standing at 61%).


The picture in Teso is grim, almost half (48.6%) of the population depends on subsistence/small holder farming compared to the national average of 39% (UNHS 2021). With poverty standing at 21.9%, Teso is the fifth poorest region in Uganda (UNHS 2021). While Uganda as a whole is largely food secure some regions, including Teso are prone to food stress (MAAIF 2019). SOCADIDO has a dream to further support small holder


Human survival, security and well-being is buttressed by
the state of the environment and its ecosystems. Teso
bears a disproportionate impact of the weather vagaries.
The sub region has different ecological zones, however
those bordering Karamoja are more prone to dryer spells.
Flash floods and prolonged droughts are therefore more
common in these areas specifically Amuria and Katakwi
districts (NEMA 2019)..  READ MORE  

Nationally, nearly 8 in 10 households have access to an improved source of drinking water (90% in urban, compared to 74% in rural areas). Only 19% of households in Uganda use improved sanitation.
SOCADIDO works towards improving access to safe water, sanitation and good hygiene services both at community and institutional level
We have a conviction to improve access to and use of Safe Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)   READ MORE  

In Uganda, 1 in 4 adolescent women aged 15-19 are
already mothers or pregnant with their first child. Teenage
childbearing is higher in rural areas (27%) than in urban
areas (19%). Moreover, in Teso only 30% of married women aged 15-49 use any method of family planning compared to 39% nationally (DHS 2016). 28% of married women have an nmet need for family planning i.e., they want to stop child childbirth 

The major driver of conflict in the region is land. Moreover, with the highest fertility rate in the country, 5.9 compared to the national average of 4.7 (UNHS, 2021) land will continue to be a resource in short supply in the Teso sub region. With 90% of the land in Teso held under the customary land tenure, conflicts are common because of unclear boundaries (GIZ 2019). SOCADIDO focuses on reducing cases of violence   READ MORE  



project is geared towards supporting smallholder farmers to adopt and practice
sustainable agriculture and resilient livelihoods that will have environmental benefits, including contribution to climate change mitigation, biodiversity conservation and behavioral change. This project has a special component on improving functions and services of ecological and environmental systems and it aims to increase availability of forest cover through agroforestry by establishing community-managed nurseries and investing in reforestation and restoration of degraded terrestrial systems.

We are the Development Arm of the Catholic Dioceses of Soroti

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